Get ready for “Everybody wants Leo” week!

several of us had concerns when we learned that our dear Fearless Leader in blue will no longer be the leader in the 2018 universe. But following the presentation of his character, the web went crazy for this turtle with red stripes and long legs. All of us agreed that he had a lot of sex appeal and he we would probably the new fave turtle of many. So I had the idea for a “Everybody Wants Leo” week, to be held from August 5 to August 12. Prompts are easy.

Day one: Raphael

Day two: Donatello

Day three: Michelangelo

Day four: April or Casey ( or both at once, to spice it up!)

Day five: Karai

Day six: Usagi

Day seven: Any pairing (no Splintercest, no OC) Let your imagination walk on the wild side or just do again your favorite pairing!

Leo could be from any universe, as you wish, even human, as long as the Fearless one is the main character or your main character love interest, unrequired or not. You can contribute by fanfic, comic, or art. You can do both! You can skip a day or do three for a pairing you particularly like! Just tag all of it by # Leoweek on Tumblr or add it to our collection on A03.  Picture by the talented @arteinthemachine and MomoRawrr


Day two: Donnie 

If Donatello does machines, and Leo is a well-oiled ninjutsu machine, logically Don must also do Leonardo. It’s really the only rational course of action. Music suggestion for your art or writing, by me and @luleiya


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