Stuff in brown is pure speculation/headcanon, stuff in black has been noted in the actual show.

Also there’s a buttload of markings on the ground of donnie’s lab, which makes me think that it was used as a garage for maintenance when the place was still functional. Which would mean that there’s more space in there for like garage workers and a break room, etc. so i gave him a lot of space in there. 

or he could’ve just added them himself.

Thank GAWD someone had put this up..seems that RP players think the Lair is built like a sitcom set from iCarly! Seriously, I hope this clears this up…So when someone goes to the Lair, you can’t just know if they are there or not by not doing some physical action to check… Also…STOP just dropping in & saying, “Oh I came her by (insert lame excuse here) & so I want to be friends….derrrr!” …Stop that! Wait until your invited! Gain the trust first… Jeeze! And don’t think cause your cute, your an exception! I am talking to you RP people…. I hope this clears it up….has it? HAS IT?!?!?!?

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