Be ready for DarkOctober!

This will be a unique challenge to encourage writers and artists to work together in illustrated fiction. Artists and writers will be paired up based on their responses to the form, or else you and the artist can connect with each other and notify me. Please note that you can enter the challenge both as a writer and as an artist. You can enter for any number of prompts you want.

Writers should choose at least one prompt and create a work about it. Stories could be from a 200-word drabble, or a 100K word multichapter if you are inspired. 

No T-cest hater. Respect is part of any fan event.

So here is the TMNT Darktober Challenge. No place for fluff, give us dark stuff!

Here are the 40 prompts you can choose from:

Restrained -Experimentation -Scars -Claws
Fear -Blood -Captive -Pentacle
Ghost -Venom -Possession -Swords
Slit throat -Mania -Addiction -Mirror
Bruised -Beaten Up -Skull -Monster
Urban Legend -Stitches -Wishes -Heart
Gagged-Sacrificed -Roleplay -Curse
Teeth -Last Kiss -Hallucination -Cannibalism
Knife fight -Alone-Ritual -Trauma
Burned -Interrogation -Domination -Segmentation

Writers need to create a completed work that is a minimum of 200 words. It can be a max of whatever you have time for, it can be AU/canon, whatever universe. NO OCs. The rating can range from Teen to Explicit.

Artists need to create art in whatever medium they are comfortable with for the writer/fic you are paired with, after reviewing the written first draft or concept.

What’s the timeline for this challenge?

1. Sign-ups to run from August 5 – August 31th
2. Artist x Writer match-up finalized September 4th
3. Mostly completed draft/concept due to artists September 30th (you can send it before)
4. Posting date from Oct 1 to Oct 31 on our A03 collection and Tumblr. Use the tag’darkoctober’

If you’re interested in participating please fill in the form by clicking here

We’re looking forward to all of your wonderful stories and amazing art!

Picture byHowdoyoudo


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