Request Open

I am out of motivation. To fulfill my desire to write and feel read and useful, I am open to requests. Want to ask but out of idea? It can be a prompt from ‘DarkOctober’. Don’t remember them? Here: 

Restrained -Experimentation -Scars –Claws (taken)
Fear -Blood -Captive -Pentacle
Ghost -Venom -Possession -Swords
Slit throat -Mania –Addiction(taken) -Mirror
Bruised -Beaten Up -Skull -Monster
Urban Legend –Stitches(taken) -Wishes -Heart
Gagged-Sacrificed -Roleplay –Curse(taken)
Teeth -Last Kiss -Hallucination -Cannibalism
Knife fight -Alone-Ritual -Trauma
Burned -Interrogation -Domination -Segmentation

I’ve already used some, but I’d love to do another one! I love horror! This is not your cup of tea? I am ready to continue one of my entries for the ‘Everybody wants Leo’ week. Don’t remember them, either? Take a look at the collection! or my A03 profile. Or maybe you prefer a totally different story? I’m used to writing in different verse and genre. My condition? Leo as the main character.

To see my progress in my work/request, here. You can enter a request if there free slots

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