‘Turtly Xmas Countdown!’ Now with a prompt list!

We still need participants!

Do you remember how exciting it was to discover a new chocolate every day, in your Advent calendar? Alas. Now that we have grown-up, the chocolate seems to taste like wax and the excitement from our childhood memories has faded away. But, today we want to give you a new reason to be thrilled and eagerly counting the days that separate us from Christmas! And you won’t be able to cheat and have all your treats at once! This year we are organizing a ‘Turtly Xmas Countdown!’

What is it?

The concept is the same. Each day, from December 1st to December 25th, a fanfic or art, Christmas themed, will be posted in the folder ‘Turtly Xmas Countdown’.

Words are not limited. Be fluffy! Be angsty! Be kinky! We accept all kind of Christmas!

No haters. Let’s stay in a respectful holiday spirit. Here a prompt list to inspire you!

Chill-Mistletoe-Ugly sweater-Scrooged-Fireplace-Secret Santa-Snow angel-Snowstorm-Hot drink-Socking-Grinch-Wrong gift-Midnight kiss-Peppermint-Lonely-Surprise visit-Broke-Hangover-Secret-Resolution-Reindeer-Party dress-Shopping-Christmas dinner-Toys-Miracle-Ice skating-Fur-Garland-Star-Warm

But for this event to happen, we still need participants, writers and artists. We can also need back up in the event someone else is unable to fulfill their assignment and we need artwork or a story on short notice. If this interests you, fill this form

In mid-November, we will then give you your postdate (a day between 1 to 25).

Thanks for your participation!

picture by @alessandrart

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