Here the holiday!

Do you feel lonely during the holidays and dread this time of year? Are you sleepy and sad from the weak winter sunlight? We have the solution for you!

For centuries, the best cure for the winter blues has been reading! It’s cheap, easy, all-natural, and makes solitude cozy and warm. Nomination ballots for the Reader’s Choice awards will activate at 6:00 PM EST on December 31st. Spend your holidays with your favorite fanfic writers, and our favorite foursome, and read through the fics listed here. 

Be sure to take a look at the categories, also. Remember that you don’t have to nominate in every category to fill out your ballot.
Don’t forget the art section! We have best fanfic art, best comic, and best 2018 Rise Turtles fanfic art as categories this year, in both ballots!

Please refresh yourself on the rules when you have a chance. Here you can find more information if you need to.

Happy holidays!

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