How filling a ballot?

This is your first time and you want to know what to expect?

We are close to the opening of the nominations and we’re so excited to see all the fics, art, and creators being nominated!

We wanted to send out a few quick reminders. Therefore, you can read the complete rules, here.

Make sure that each ballot includes the title of the story, the author, and a working link. If they’re missing, your ballot will not count, so make sure you’ve included all of this information before you submit!

1. To nominate, you must provide us with a functional link to your profile. You can nominate only once, by ballot.

Like here:

2. The works must have been created or updated in 2018. If there were no posts or updates to the work during 2018, they are not eligible and must be canceled! You can see the post/update date above each work.

3: The work cannot have won last year.

4: if you nominate yourself, you can only do so up to three times in total, provided you nominate the same number of works by someone else.

5. If you do not know what terms like AU, CANON, or OC mean, please ask us! We are happy to clarify.

6. It is not mandatory to fill all categories, but you can’t go back after you posted your ballot.

7. You can’t nominate only the same fic over and over. No work could be nominated more than three times on a ballot.

Here how to fill:

For each fic, you must provide the author/artist, title, and a working link. If there are more than one author, write both.

Nominate, Read, and Vote!

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