What is your fave verse?

I was feeling old school today.

Today, I’m wearing this old pj. 1987 isn’t my favorite verse at all, but they’re still so much merchandise about it. I still remember this little guy wanting to date me, but he was wearing TMNT 1987 stuff (of course, we were in the late 80’s) and I was finding this show so silly. Poor guy. I wonder if is too late to get on a date with him.

My fave version would away be 2012. There were so many angsty moments and you know how drama is my writer fuel. But once in a while, I need to write other versions as well to not be too much boring. But each time is a pain in the ass to find a plan of the lair and immerse me in this universe. So, I got this idea to create a writer referential for each verse! Today, I only shared some screenshots from the 2007 movie. This is not my fave verse, but it’s some material I used for Claws. I will add info this weekend and add referential for 2003,2012, Bay’s movie and 2018 universe as well. I hope writers and even artists would find this helpful! If you are a fan of a verse and want to help, just tell me! I will take your expertize gladly!

Now, I need to start this Scoop’s chapter. So much to do!

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