Voting ballots are up!

Wait! What? Already? Yep! But if you didn’t have the time to finish reading, you can calm down, as Leon would say. You have until March 15, midnight to fill your ballot!

Be sure to keep in mind these simple rules.

  • You will be required to include a link to your Tumblr,, AO3 or other personal profile so we know that you are a real person. Ballots without a working link will be disqualified without notice. Therefore, your profile must have been created before January 1st, 2019.
  • Voting on using a ‘dummy’ account will likewise disqualify the ballot without notice.
  • You may NOT vote for your own work.  Doing so will void your ballot.
  •   One nomination and voting ballot per person. If you are participating in both the General and Mature competitions, you get one nomination and voting ballot per person in both.
  • You can’t vote for the same story more than three times.

General Voting Ballot

Enter here

Mature Voting Ballot ( you must be over 18)

Enter here

Good luck to everybody and remember it’s supposed to be fun.

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