You asked for it: Rise fanbook!

Last year, we were all anxious about the new Rise of the Turtles series. We all had our reservations when we learned that Leo would not be the Fearless leader we were used to or because Raphael would no longer use sais.  Last July, we had a taste of what it would be and immediately we were granted with fanwork, honoring Leo’s long legs or Donnie’s sass, making it so much better. To celebrate the first anniversary of Rise, we decided to make a Fanbook, collecting fiction, art and comics!

Art by Neat Tea



– General rules –

  • The theme for this fanbook is ‘Rise’, therefore, entries should be from this universe.
  • Mature creators only (over 18)
  • Each creator is allowed to submit six entries
  • The work must be yours to count as your entry.
  • Both fanfiction and fanart are allowed.
  • NSFW entries are gladly accepted. Tcest is allowed (TurtlexTurtles) but not Splintercest (SplinterxTurtle.)
  • Any genre is accepted (comedy, gore,etc.)
  • AUs are allowed.
  • No OCs. 
  • All entries should be emailed to us at If for some reason the file is too large and you can’t use this method, contact us.
  • Content should preferably be new and exclusive until the publication day. If we still have the place for other entries, you can send us your favorite Rise fanwork already posted and a section would be added for them. Admins reserve for them the right to accept or refuse any work

– Art’s rules –

  • JPG is allowed, PNG is preferred. 
  • Images should be A4 size.
  • Polished work only. No doodle. 
  • Comics shouldn’t be longer than 12 pages, but be aware that every six pages would count as an entry (12 pages=2 entries)
  • Black/white or color are accepted
  • Traditional arts or digital arts are accepted
  • Spell checking is needed before submitting anything that has text

– Fanfiction’s rules –

  • Fictions should be in the 500 – 9K word span.
  • If the fanfiction has chapters, each chapter will be marked as an entry, therefore, three chapters will be the maximum for one fiction (around 3k each.) So, two stories of three chapters = six entries
  • Fictions should be sent in  MS Word or Google Doc
  • Spell checking is needed before submitting anything that has text
  • If this applies, indicate the rating, pairing or other relevant warnings
  • No haters.

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