About us, fans and creators.

This site is born from our love of the TMNT franchise. We are all different. Some are writers, others are artists and some blessed ones are both. No money is made off of this site, since the turtles belong to their creators, Peter Laird and Kevin Eastman. But we can’t help ourselves, we have to create fanwork about these addictive Turtles!

Some of us are into sexualized turtles or Tcest. Here is a place with no judgment at all, where creators can post NSFW content without fear of being banned or censored. A section will be reserved for adults only.

Here are other links to keep in touch with what is, was, and will be happening in our fandom! We create fanbooks and events as a way to allow the fans to enjoy their community.

Ninja Archive: Here are the past fanbooks

FanHub: If you want some recommendations, here is the place you were looking for!

Tcest-Monthly: The name says everything!

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