Caro’s castle

I’m Caro, the nickname for Caroline. I’m a French speaker, but I’m not from France. I from Québec, the French part of Canada. I’m still struggling a damn lot with English! Please, be indulgent with me.
Writing and reading fics, and conversations with fellow fans, are improving my English every day. 🙂

I love to push myself as a writer through big, dramatic stories. I love when the fandom is active, so I help create challenges and volunteer with the Reader’s Choice Awards. I love art and encourage fandom artists. Go take a look at my impressive collection of commissions!

Sometimes, I have the comment about my character not being canon. The fact is that I never read the comic or the 87 verse, neither the 90′s. I tried to like 2k3, but had abandoned it in the middle of the second season. I hated the ‘all the same built design with empty white eyes’, and feel them less deep, most action-based. To me, Don and Raph having the same biceps is nonsense.

I know mostly 2k12, but the fact that they were portrayed very young in this series doesn’t inspire me that much. Usually, I wrote them having at least seventeen.

My headcanon universe is more about the 2000 marvelous fanfic from other writers I had read. I picked what I liked and make my own headcanon with it. Fanart and fanfic brought much more in this fandom than the canon series and film.

You can always trust me to be honest and direct, and if you are lucky, I will be your fancy fandom mom.

My Masterlist

My Commissions. I commissioned a lot of the greatest artist from this fandom to illustrate my stories. You can see them there in their full glory! I keep adding them!

Want to know about how look the actual location for each of my story (almost all are real) and want to know more about my headcanon? Go read about Caro’s verse. (in construction)

Want to know what I’m currently writing? Or want to do me a request? Look at my Trello!

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