Caro’s Masterlist

In order to organize my works and make it “easy to find” I made a master list! I’ll try to update it regularly 😉 Medal icons are for winning fanfic from the Reader’s Choice Awards 2017


· Devil’s Playground  🥇(Most compelling AU)

Summary: When love is given to the highest bidder, there can be no trust, and without trust, can there really be love? Raphael it is just a butterfly, flying too close to a carnivorous plant? It was not at all the mission he had to fulfill. Is Leo going to be his fate or will it be the opposite?!!~~Winner in the Universal TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2017: (Mature Ballot) Most Compelling AU 1st Place; ~~!!(  119,814 words)

Chapters: 30/30 (finished)

· The kinky kitty kit and others kinky stories 🥇(Best Comedy)

Summary: The counterpoint of my dark stories. Different one-shots about particular kinks that could have Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo.

Not too serious stuff.

!!~~Winner in the Universal TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2017: (Mature Ballot) Funniest Lewd Comedy 1st Place; ~~!! (9,323 words)

Chapters: 6/? (wip)

· Animal 🥈(Romance)

Summary:  If Shredder has to lose his daughter, Splinter must lose a son.

!!~~Winner in the Universal TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2017: (Mature Ballot) Best romance 2nd Place; ~~!! (56,510 words)

Chapters: 19/19 (finished)

· Trainwreck  🥈(Sexiest Donatello)

Summary: Three words and Donnie had lost control, plunging them into an impossible situation. And he was supposed to be the genius.!!~~Winner in the Universal TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2017: (Mature Ballot) Sexiest Donatello 2nd Place; ~~!! (85,909 words)

Chapters: 30/30 (finished)

Melatonin  🥈(Best dark story)

Summary:  From necessary to their sleep, Leo becomes much more, for his brothers, in spite of himself.

!!~~Winner in the Universal TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2017: (Mature Ballot) Best Dark Story 2 nd Place; ~~!! (43,644 words)

Chapters: 14/14 (finished)

·Peter Pan’s gift  🥈(Best portrayal of a turtle: Mikey)

Summary:  !!~~Winner in the Universal TMNT Fanfiction Competition 2017: (Mature Ballot) Best portrayal of a turtle (Mikey) 2nd Place; ~~!! (18,954 words)

Chapters: 1/1 (finished)

    Burn with me 

Summary: Raphael had trusted him. But Donatello could not foresee that playing with recessive genes and living on the surface could have such terrible consequences. (  106,832 words) 

chapters: 20/20 (finished)

·  Embers under the snow 

Summary: Raphael Senzi was the king of his high school and in perfect control of his life, until the arrival of this new student who seems determined to dispossess him of everything. ( 97,752 words)

Chapters: 24/24 (finished)

·  Bent  (Creep part 3)

Summary:  Leo is home now, but nothing is the same. (  50,850 words)

Chapters: 12/12  (finished)

· Deepwater  (Trainwreck part 2)

Summary:  Because you asked for, there Trainwreck part 2. What happens to Donatello and Leonardo? Read it if you were dying to know. ( 28,747 words)

Chapters: 10/? (wip) 

    Kryptonite  (Creep part 2)

Summary: Leo pulls away when Mikey wants to get closer. Why is Leo his weakness? Creep from Mikey’s point of view. ( 37,020 words)

Chapters: 10/10 

 Darks stories from the sewers 

Summary:  Series of funny and less funny, one-shot stories with Halloween as background, featuring the 4 brothers.  ( 27,058 words)

Chapters: 10/? (wip) 


Summary:  Leo should be happy. His relationship with Karai is progressing. But you can’t win something without losing something else.(35,068 words)

Chapters: 10/10 (finished)

     A late-minute gift 

Summary: Backup secret Santa for: Beta by Marcy. (1,834 words) 

Chapters: 1/1 (finished) 

  Somewhere in the darkness… 

Summary:  A long time ago, Mikey was afraid of the dark … unable to sleep without a little light and even sometimes it was not enough and he was going to join one of his brothers, preferably Leo, in his bed, to get away nightmares. That was before the nightmare was the reality, the light didn’t exist and that it was Leo who needed comfort. Now with art! (9,695 words) 

Chapters: 3/3 (finished) 

Forsaken for your future

Summary: Working as a firefighter in early 2000s New York, Raph struggles to cope with the aftereffects of the terrorist attacks of 9/11 with drugs and the help of someone who understands what he’s going through; a police captain named Leonardo. (  117,057 words, Duz chapter 1 to 6)

Chapters: 25/25 (finished)


Summary: Mikey loves reading comic books. Why not try writing them? Or even better, living them? (5,222 words)

Chapter 1/1 (finished)

The New Amendment

Summary:  How far will you be ready to go for a second chance? For Raphael, lying was not a big deal to earn Leo’s friendship. ( 35,116 words)

Chapters 10/? (40,526 words)

The Scoop

Summary:  Leo is the only son of a wealthy media mogul. His father belongs to the highest spheres of power and influence, in Virginia. For many reasons, despite a golden future, Leo resigns to become a journalist on his own merits and unveil the ugly face of power to the New-York citizen. When applying for a new job at Channel 6, to work with his best friend and ex, April, Leo crosses path with the person he’d least expected to meet. ( 122,531 words)

Chapter 17/? (wip)


Summary: Entry for ‘Everybody wants Leo’ week. Day three and six: Michelangelo and Usagi (12,510 words)

Chapter 5/5  (21,040 words)

Size Problem (2k18 Rise Turtles)

Summary: Raph entry for Everybody wants Leo week. The Rise Turtles opens a bar. (10,896 words)

Chapter 3 (finished)

Two birds with one stone

Summary: FootLeo capture Don (1,416 words)

Chapter 1 (finished)

Planet 3X11

Summary: Leo loves Captain Ryan (469 words)

Chapter 1 (finished) 


Summary FlowershopAU Karai entry for Everybody wants Leo week. (9,229 words)

Chapter 1 (wip)

The One

Summary: April and Casey entry for Everybody wants Leo week. (4,951 words)

Chapter 1 (wip) 

Never Again

Summary: Don entry for Everybody wants Leo week. (1,638 words)

Chapter 1 (finished) 


Summary:  First entry forDarkoctober Challenge. Prompt used: ‘Curse’ (1,088 words) Leo must pay for his sins.

Chapter 1 (finished)


Summary: Entry for Darkoctober. When real life and virtual one got mixed-up for Donatello.(1,164 words)

Chapter 1 (finished)


Summary: Entry for Darkoctober. Leo is dead and Don is ready for anything to bring him back from the dead. (6,338 words)

Chapter 1 (finished) 


Summary:  Entry for Darkoctober. What happened to Leo in Central America? Something had changed…( 47,246words)

Chapter 9/? (WIP)

Hathor’s Gift

Summary: Valentine’s Day is around the corner and Don is growing desperate.

Chapter 1 finished 10,930 words