Caro’s verse

Okay, I take pride in trying to write different genre and stories, but there often some elements that are always the same. As many writer, I’m also crazy enough to use existing place most of the time to write my story. I event have decided where was the main entrance from the lair from a Google Street of the Bronx. I will also show you how I picture my human turtles. To help artists as Pjoart or Alessandra to draw, I send them picture.
I will add some pictures for each story. If you are curious about something specific, tell me!

This hot dude was my idea of Leo for: Forsaken by our Future and Burn with me

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Raph’s model for Forsaken by our Future

This is ‘young’ Leo. When I do a young Leo, like in Devil’s Playground or Embers. But this model served also for Scoop. In Scoop, Leo is described looking between 21-25.

Raph form Embers under the Snow and the young Raph in Scoop (when Leo and he had sex for the first time, so around 17 for Raph.

Inspiration for Raph’s body
A better view of Raph’s tattoo in Scoop. I love tattoo. I have ‘Fearless’ inked on my wrist.
This guy is Usagi from Scoop. He is half-Japanese. He would have a certain place in the story but don’t worry. Raph is still number one in Leo’s heart. He is 31

This is Mikey. The version in Scoop is more flamboyant and has a more trendy haircut. He is 28.

In Scoop, Donnie is the baby, having only 25. He is such a cute screwball. Scoop version has longer hair and hazelnut eyes. But he would soon cut them himself to save the money from the hairdresser, you know
The room where Raph and Leo tried to trick Riviera
The speakeasy they went before. I actually spent an evening there and get pretty drunk

In my human Au, (Turtle can’t chill there), I really love Bryant Park. Here some pics, taken by myself when I was there. I used Bryant Park in Burn with Me and Scoop. Probably another one, but I can’t quite remember now.

L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus, ciel, arbre, gratte-ciel et plein air
this day was cloudly
L’image contient peut-être : une personne ou plus, personnes assises, arbre, table et plein air
But of course, the fucking damn I have to leave it was funny. Screw you, damn Murphy law!