Dark October Masterlist


The weather has cooled, night falls earlier. Are you in the mood to cocoon yourself in a blanket? Stay indoors and shiver with fear as you discover the works created for DarkOctober.

Hungerby @hummerhouse , picture by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids

Pieced Together by @plokishmok3 picture by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids

Some Cuts are Better Left Unsaid by @kc-anathema , picture by @alessandrart

Claws by Caroaimezoe, picture by @sherenelle and @neattea-tmnt

Harm Reduction by @winnyverse ,  picture by @alessandrart

Stitches by Caroaimezoe , picture by @x-scuse-you

Addiction by Caroaimezoe

Curse by Caroaimezoe , picture by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids

Homeby @wittykins ,  picture by @x-scuse-you

Shattered Light by @brightlotusmoon  , picture by @sherenelle

SUBJUGATION by @mmuki Maito (Mashiro), @wolfbane37

Thank you all for your participation in this event!

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