Star Event: Turtle Xmas Advent Calendar

Jour 1

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Day 1
Devil’s playground. Bonus chapter Xmas themed, (29-30) by Caroaimezoe

Day 2
Christmas Greetings by AlessandraDC

Day 3
Fleece Navidad by TMNTLovingLeo

Day 4
TMNT: Prosperity by Spectra615

Day 5 Christmas Greeting by Alessandra DC

Day 6 A very Hamato Christmas by Duz
Day 7 Free Ride by chiakiangel
Day 8 The Sledder by Ravenshell

Day 9 Tragedy on 4th St by F3296

Day 10  Silent night by howdoyoudo

Day 11 Christmas spirit by its-sugar-n-spice
Day 12  On the twelfth day of Christmas by Bryanthamato
Day 13  The red dress by Caroaimezoe
Day 14  Sweet Christmas by Donatellogirl36

Day 15 The Chritsmas hunber by Squeakertons

Day 16 TMNT Winter Insomina by fireworksinthenight,

Day 17 Snowfall by Ximeri9119

Day 18 Candance and the Head by Duz

Day 19 12 days of Christmas by Wolfbane37
Day 20 Naughty List by Winnychan

Day 21 Turtle-rific Christmas by Venus 

Day 22  What he deserves by DonnyGirls87

The best Christmas by ArystaStarfyr
Day 23 Winter Traditions by Riuke

Day 24 The bells around my ankle by Nei-Ning

Day 25  Christmas selfie  by Asmodee

Picture by Alessandra

Thanks to all our participants!