Lair and other images from 2003

This first series of pictures is from their first lair – Season 1, Episode 1. It is destroyed in that first episode, so there aren’t a lot of references.

Y’Lyntian lair – that is the one they live in for most of the seasons. It is destroyed in Season 4, Episode 15.

Central ceiling, Y’Lyntian lair

Don’s lab area Y’Lyntian lair

This is a fan take on what is where in the Y’Lyntian lair

Garage above Y’Lyntian lair. The elevator in lair goes up to here.

Splinter’s room

Another view of Splinter’s room

Donatello’s Room

Leonardo’s Room

Michelangelo’s Room

Raphael’s Room

The Reservoir pumping station is the third lair they live in.In 2003

Splinter’s room

Kitchen at Casey’s Farmhouse

Barn at Casey’s farm

Inside Barn

Interior Shell Sub

Interior April’s Van

Leatherhead’s lair

rare pic from the bathroom

Cody’s Penthouse elevator entrance from Fast Forward

Hallway in Cody’s Penthouse Fast Forward

Cody’s Artifact Room

Cody’s Bedroom

Cody’s Penthouse Lab

Cody’s Penthouse Sitting Room view 1

FYI – Serling does refer to this huge space as a ‘sitting room’ in Fast ForwardCody’s Penthouse sitting room view 2

Back of the Time Portal

Front of the Time Portal

Hover Shell

Interior of Hover Shell

Main Characters