DarkOctober Masterlist

The weather has cooled, night falls earlier. Are you in the mood to coccoon youself in a blanket? Stay indoors and shiver with fear as you discover the works created for DarkOctober.

Hunger by @hummerhouse , picture by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids

Pieced Together by @plokishmok3 picture by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids

Some Cuts are Better Left Unsaid by @kc-anathema , picture by @alessandrart

Claws by Caroaimezoe, picture by @sherenelle and @neattea-tmnt

Harm Reduction by @winnyverse ,  picture by @alessandrart

Stitches by Caroaimezoe , picture by @x-scuse-you

Addiction by Caroaimezoe

Curse by Caroaimezoe , picture by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids

Home by @wittykins ,  picture by @x-scuse-you

Shattered Light by @brightlotusmoon  , picture by @sherenelle 

SUBJUGATION by @mmuki Maito (Mashiro), @wolfbane37

Thank you all for your participation in this event!

It’s coming… The spookiest TMNT event of the year it’s next week!


You have probably noticed Halloween is around the corner… If you live in some northern regions, you see the leaves turning to gorgeous colors. Maybe you have already chosen your costume? Ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte? Well, if you are still not in the mood after that, we have what you need!

Aside from the DarkOctober Challenge (stay tuned for all these creepy stories still to come), we are pleased to announce a FRAE Event of TMNT dark stories!

Maybe you ask yourself what is a FRAE? During a FRAE, we read aloud stories, our own or our faves from other people. What will be different this time is it will be dark themed.

Do you have any stories which made your chest tighten in anticipation or fear? Let us hear it! Gory stories are not mandatory. Each of us has a different thing that scares us.

The Dark FRAE will be hosted by @winnyverse

  • Saturday, October 20, at 2:00 PM Eastern time (to accommodate fans overseas)

As always, folks are welcome to participate actively or merely spectate (it’s mean you can only listen). Those wishing to read will have multiple opportunities, so bring plenty of material! Imitating the voices of the characters is highly encouraged but not required. Since it is Halloween themed, you can even put an ambient soundtrack at some moments to make it more lively. There are no length limitations, but people generally read one-shots, single chapters, or excerpts.

Head over to this TMNT-Discourse post for a link that will get you onto the TMNT discord server! Feel free to message me here on Tumblr if you need additional help or have any questions.

You can connect via PC, mobile phone, or skip downloads all together by using the web-based version from your browser. A bunch of us of TMNT fans hang out there on the reg, so feel free to register early and get to know everyone!

Once you’re connected to Discord, head over to the Introductions channel and write up a quick intro that confirms your age (for adult verification purposes). This puts you in the queue to have your permissions upgraded by one of the staff. Try to do this prior to the start of FRAE so there is no last minute scrambling to get access to voice chat and the other restricted text channels.


Here a link to the Horror Fanfiction hub category, and the dark stories with fan rec, if you need inspiration/recommendation

Art by @h0w-d0-y0u-d0-fell0w-kids