The writer’s toolbox!

The TMNT franchise has been ongoing for a long time, and each of us has a favorite. Maybe you are mixed up about the versions or struggling to remember details about the lair of a particular verse! Here you can find reference material for 2003, 2007, 2012, Rise, and the Bayverse universes. Do you have a screenshot I don’t have? Please share it with me!




2014-2016 Bay’s movies


If you recognize the layout from someone you know, please tell me that I can credit them!


Weaponry! (all verse)

20180707_223642Everything you need to know about martial art weapon from Katana to Shuriken

All about anatomy and tail d*ck

Want to write/draw closer to reality? Here some info showing how Mother Nature was wasted (and horny) when she created some turtle’s part. Sensible content for mature people.

You were looking for something else, as episode list or episode dialogue?

You can find it here on the fan hub. If you are more into comics here something to make you happy! Want some inspiration to write about NYC Subway? Look at that.